Bildunterschrift: Workers of the jewelry manufacturer PWK Jewelry Company Limited and representatives of the Ministry of Labour met the governor of the Thai province Chanthaburi. More than 600 PWK workers became unemployed after the German jewelry retailer elumeo SE ordered jewelry worth more than 30 million euros through its subsidiaries, but paid only a fraction of it. The PWK became illiquid and could no longer pay the salaries of their workers or the severance pay to which they are legally entitled. Before that the management of elumeo SE was exploring ways to fire the workers without having to pay them their severance pay. The workers demonstrated in Chantaburi and protested in front of the German embassy in Bangkok against the actions of the German managers of the listed company elumeo SE from Berlin. The public prosecutor's office in Berlin and the Thai police authorities are investigating the management of elumeo SE for fraud. Picture: Private
Herausgeber: Roderich Schaetze, Rechtsanwalt, Steuerberater, Wirtschaftspr├╝fer
Datum: 10.09.2019